Leasing Management

Stable Return

As leasing experts, we analyze the market and your buildings. In order to maximize returns, a high rental occupancy rate is indispensable.

With our network of numerous large brokerage houses throughout Germany, we actively address vacant space. In this instance, we cooperate with outside brokers, create informative exposés, assist with property marketing, mediate in the calculation of space, create rental offers or contracts and conduct viewings. In this way, we have succeeded in realizing a high rental occupancy rate for every property in our company’s history. 


Our values directed towards strong partnerships inform our actions and have given us the opportunity to retain top-class, long-term tenants. This results in calculable long-term returns owing to little or no vacancy.


Of course, existing tenants of a property also enjoy our full attention and dedication. We hold personal discussions with tenants at regular intervals and inquire about their general satisfaction, needs and wishes. We view leasing management as a give-and-take process to strengthen partnerships.


Complete tenant satisfaction with the rental property is one of our highest goals. Promoting satisfaction goes hand-in-hand with reaping returns. Hence, in leasing management, a personalized approach again guides our action