Construction Management

Your Reliable Partner

We are happy to assist you with your construction project and actively manage all aspects; from start to finish, we are your point of contact. From the onset of the tendering procedure, we support and advise you in your decisions. We coordinate orders and construction companies and structure a sensible process. In order to avoid additional capital expenditure, it is of great importance in construction management to carefully consider and correctly assess time management in the developmental phase of the property.

Operational Concept

Drawing from our experience with multiple construction projects, we provide a hands-on approach to address this topic and pay special attention to adhering to time-sensitive measures and deadlines, so that you can stay on schedule for launching your investment on the market.

For us, construction management also means developing a suitable operational concept for your property. We define the development of an operational concept as inclusive of all services that serve the facility management of the property and, in this way, guarantee an optimal management and a smooth operation of the building. 


We also assist you with the separation of media (e.g., adapting the supply infrastructure). We identify potential complications that may arise from future use, as well as from the micro and macro location of the property.

During the course of its company history, Becker & Co has managed a great variety of commercial properties in Germany. As a result, we have been able to hone our skills in construction management and construction supervision. With us by your side, you can be assured of a smooth progression of your construction project.