Auxiliary Costs Analysis and Optimization

Cost Reduction

We consider the analysis and optimization of ancillary costs as one of our major strengths, setting us apart from other companies in the market. The interplay of these two components leads to efficiently maintaining a building.

In numerous analyses of large office properties and shopping centers throughout Germany, we have succeeded in identifying and generating such savings potentials. As a result, we today have a wide range of experience and extensive know-how in this area. 

Long Term Solutions

In addition to preparing a cost-accurate statement for each tenant, upon request, we provide high-quality guidance for a further course of action to realize savings potential.

In this instance, we not only put you in touch with the right people, but also negotiate better conditions with energy suppliers or service providers, for example. These long-term service and supply contracts ensure a reduction in ancillary costs for you and your tenants, which can be advantageous in lease negotiations. 

Company Philosophy

Our company philosophy of joint benefits also informs this aspect of our work and enhances the value of your property.